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Who we are

NOCIA 2020-2021 Board Of Directors

  • President:  Ruth Maruschak
  • Vice President: Michelle Klein-Neville
  • Treasurer: Sandy Kluth
  • Assistant Treasurer: Juanita Shaw
  • Secretary: Jennifer Borowski
  • CEU Advisor: Golnar Pahldad
  • Vendor Liaison: Katie Lawer
  • Speaker Liaison: Natalie Benson
  • Medical Advisor:  Dr. Thomas Wilson
  • Student Liaison: Brenda looney 

2020 - 2021 MEMBERS AT LARGE

  • Member at Large: Makenzie Burnheimer (IT specialist)
  • Member at Large: Colleen Bobak  

Our door is always open to having more people join us on the board.  Contact us if you would like to be a part of the team.  If you like to take pictures or tinker with social media, then we can use you too.  Contact us at nociaboard@gmail.com

Like "Northern Ohio Cardiac Imaging Association" on Facebook for updates!

Have a cool case or want to present at one of our conferences? We would be happy to hear from you at nociaboard@gmail.com

Thank you for making our spring virtual conference a success! 

The continuous support of our local sonographers and students is what keeps us going!

We cant wait to see you all again this fall!